Monday, February 19, 2007

What a week! My mom was admitted back into the hospital with fluid accumulating in her lungs from her cancer. But, she is doing pretty well. The fluid was removed from her right lung over the weekend and the fluid in the left will be removed tomorrow. I'm sure that this will bring some much needed relief. I pray that the procedure will be successful.

My poor Dad was visiting at the hospital this weekend and developed a fever. Turns out that he was diagnosed with the food poisoning from the peanut butter that has been advertised recently. He rarely ever gets sick, so it was a total shock for his body. He has been pretty sick, but hopefully he will begin to regain his strength in a couple of days.

As for my kids, they are doing GREAT! Lauren and Cayden both had chest x-rays last week to confirm the improvements from their pneumonia. Cayden has been completely released. Lauren is beginning to wean off of her breathing treatments. She has completed all of her antibiotics...yippeeeee! We are SO grateful that God is restoring their health!

Sure hope that all of you are doing well! God Bless! :)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Cayden's Awards Day.

Lauren had her first outing since she was in the hospital. She went to her little brother's awards ceremony. Cayden was so excited to get the Terrific Kid Award at his school. I was so glad that Lauren was feeling well enough to share the day with him.

Hope that you are all having a blessed week! Cindy :)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Update on our girl:

Lauren had a follow-up with the pediatrician today. Her lungs sound much clearer! Yippee. She will continue her antibiotics for another week and we will be following up a chest x-ray in about ten days. Her horrible diaper rash is also looking much improved over the last couple of days. She was soooo uncomfortable changing diapers, so that is a huge relief. Poor thing, we are still giving her medication and respiratory therapy every couple of hours and that will continue for a couple of weeks. But, we certainly won't stop something that appears to be working.

As you can see for yourself in the attached photos...Her color has also improved...she looks more like her cute little rosie self. Lauren had an allergic reaction to the sheets and gowns at the hospital. Her skin rash from the allergy is much improved as well....nothing but satin and cotton for this little princess! :)

I also dropped in a photo of Lauren's view in the back yard after our beautiful dusting of snow this past week. Hey, here in the south, we get pretty excited about those 1 to 2 inch snowfalls...they are few and far between. Our little guy even brought inside a snowball for Lauren to experience it too. I don't know how families with special needs kids manage in the northern climates. It is so hard to push a wheelchair in the snow!! I honestly don't know how you do it.

Hope all is well for those of you viewing the site. Thank you so much for your continued prayers.

I would also like to add a prayer request to your list:
There is a ten month old little baby in our church...Tillman Chesney...who could use your prayer support. Tillman received a heart transplant this week. Please pray that his little body is able to accept the transplant and that God will restore his health.

Love to all,
Cindy :)