Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!

Lauren decided to give her mommy an unforgetable Mother's Day. We ended up spending the last few hours of mother's day in the emergency room.

Lauren developed a little tummy bug last week with fever. Even though the stomach bug resolved itself in just a couple of days, Lauren developed a fever on Saturday. This was our first indication that there must be a secondary infection to the virus. With the progression of her disease, her brain does not do a very good job of relaying to her gag reflex that there is fluid close to her airway. When she throws up, fluid is able to "leak" into her lungs causing bacteria to form an infection. Unfortunately, the vomitting typically leads to aspiration pneumonia.

The pneumonia was confirmed last night. Lauren's fever last night caused her to have a seizure which lead to further vomitting. This episode of vomitting was a little different than in previous occurances. The volume was much larger as if she had not processed her formula all day. This is something new that we have not faced before. It seems like her stomach is not unloading as it should. Maybe if there are other Sanfilippo parents who have already experienced this, you could provide us some insight.

I do want to document for parents out there...that our suction machine has been a life saver....literally! If you have not made the investment in such a device, please take our advice and add this machine to your medical supply list. As your child advances in the disease, this will be a most have to clear secretions.

Thankfully the addition of 2 antibiotics (Cleocin and Omnicef) appear to be doing the trick for the pneumonia. Even just 4 doses appear to be making a difference.

Even with the struggles of the day, I am so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate Mother's Day...what a blessing! My children are the light of my life and I feel so fortunate that God has chosen to give me the honor of being mom to two of His most prized possessions!

Give your children an extra ounce of patience, love and support today! :)


caljump said...

Hope Lauren's doctor appointment went well. Many prayers for your family.

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Many prayers for u.this world is on the hope.hope for better.